Supawan's Course Details

Beginner course


1.Offering a perspective of life by using the approach of The Four Noble Truths, using the simple analogy of Tom & Jerry to assist and enhance the understanding of this profound ancient knowledge. The Four Noble Truths not only highlight our daily problems but also offer a solution and a personal tool for everyone to take home so that one can resolve their own conflicts.
2.Providing a step by step guide/tool to self-empowerment: meditation, so that one can steer their lives towards inner peace, harmony, strength, self-esteem and intuitive wisdom.

On the day:-

Please arrive at the temple by 8.45 for registration, getting to know the place, mingling with other attendees, having a cup of tea and settle down comfortably for the course.

- The beginner course focuses on a combination of 3 topics:
                1. The Four Noble Truths
                2. The five constituents of human life form: body, mind & consciousness/spirit
                3. The mindfulness meditation or bring our mental self back home.

- The morning session begins at 9 am with a coffee break around 11.30 am for 15 minutes. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. The class resumes till 12.45 to 1 pm for lunch break. It is highly recommended for attendees to have their breakfast before coming to the temple.
-Lunch break is 60-70 minutes as Supawan needs to rejuvenate her energy for the afternoon session. Please feel free to explore the temple’s beautiful garden. Lunch is a combination of meat and vegetarian dishes. Soya and almond milk are available for dairy intolerant. Specific dietary has to be brought by the attendees.
- The Afternoon event resumes with a session of Tai chi Qi Gong movements, which, apart from boosting our physical health, is also used as another alternative technique known as ‘meditation in motion’. Tai chi works wonderfully to keep us awake and remains mindful after a meal. We also practice a bit of walking and sleeping meditation, which take place in the main shrine room in the winter month and in the garden from April onwards if weather permits.

- It is nearly 4 pm by the time we finish our Tai chi session. That is the time for writing a few lines of feedback and place the suggested donations in a particular envelope used for ‘Gift Aid’. The suggested donation has been changed to 30 pounds since January 2019.

- We close the day with Q & A and a summary.

The advanced course

•Exploring the more profound concept of our elusive thought, Jerry, and understand why and how Jerry, the real culprit, rules the world!
•Making a connection with mindfulness meditation so that one can be ‘a step ahead’ of Jerry - empowerment!
•Exploring the ‘innocent perception’ (IP) as the experiential knowledge - the ultimate wisdom!
•Making a connection of IP with other big words: The Primordial Consciousness, Nirvana, God, Tao, The Tree of Life, eternity and so forth.
•Guiding students experiencing ‘innocent perception’ - All is One and One is All via mindfulness meditation (BMSBH) as taught in the beginner course.
•Many more if time permits


Please bear in mind that mindfulness meditation (BMSBH) is a ‘skill’ just like driving, swimming, playing an instrument and so forth. The more you do, the better you will get. Once a skill is mastered, it is a real bonus to one’s lives. The bonus of mindfulness meditation is enabling you to see the world differently, having the strength to let go and forgive, experiencing less mental pain and living in long-lasting peace. Hence, it is beneficial for you to join the course more than once. Apart from the reinforcement of the knowledge that you might miss hearing, you can also brush up your meditation skill. A group meditation practice under teacher guidance is always easier than doing it alone.