Meditation course


Meditation For Everyone
15-16 August 2020
at Wat Mahathat, Kings Bromley 


Dear all,
There’s no doubt that we’re living in a very difficult time, not knowing what the future may hold. The best thing one could wish for now is having the ability to switch off and be free from their anxious thoughts about the uncertain future to truly enjoy the Now moment. Meditation is that empowering tool allowing you to have access to that unique NOW moment of absolute bliss and spiritual liberation. This is the only mental refuge that people desperately need in the midst of such upheaval global situation we are having right now. 

I'm pleased to let you all know that my meditation course at Wat Mahathat, Kings Bromley will be resumed on Saturday the 15th August 2020. Due to my departure for Thailand at the beginning of September, with the approval of Ajahn Laow, I decided to have another extended session on Sunday 16th August. It will be a combination of both the beginner and advanced courses. You will have more chance for meditation practice. I will guide you step by step to that NOW moment so that you can be your own refuge and remain at peace. You can choose to come to either day or both days, it is entirely up to you. This life teaching will be the only one I'll do at Kings Bromley for this year. 

We are going to use the shrine room so that we can still keep our social distancing. The suggested donation is £30 per day. Due to the loss of income of the current poor economic situation, if you cannot afford the sum, don't worry, any donation will be very much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you. Please email me to book your place. Please ignore the dates in the poster and stick to the date I fix in this email. It is for you to know the location of the temple at Kings Bromley.


Have a lovely weekend.

 Love, light & peace,

Supawan Green