1st Saturday of every month  from 9 am to 3 pm
A day of meditation led by Monks

9.00 Registration

9.15 Pay homage to the triple gems and take the five precepts

9.30 Understanding the five elements that constitute our life form -body and mind.

Explaining the mind is made of 4 intangible elements and can be separated into Tom and Jerry for easy understanding.

Emphasising the nature of our consciousness (part of the mind)  and connect it to the different terminologies for easy grasping,   i.e.  mental self, mental eye, the 6th sense and Tom.

Learning how to use our consciousness as the 6th sense.

10.00 Explaining the nature of foundations of mindfulness or how to bring your mental self back home.

10.30 Engaging the meditation practice so that students can locate their  mental self/eye or their own 6th sense and learn how to use them.

Engaging in the practice of the first and second foundations of  mindfulness or bringing mental self back to the first and second home

(The sitting meditation will take place in the lecture room while students remain seated on the chairs)

11.30 Explaining why our mental self is the true self following the practice

11.45 Questions and answers regarding the morning topic and practice

Noon Lunch

13.00 Tai Chi Qi Gong in the garden (if weather permits us)   /    Walking meditation

14.30 Coffee breaks

14.50 Sitting and walking meditation in the shrine room

15.30 Making a summary about the contents of learning

15.45 Q & A and discussing the possibility for the advanced class for further learning.

16.00 The end of the silent retreat

(It is very important that students must not miss the introduction of the morning session as they are the basic knowledge for mindfulness practice. Without the understanding of this part, it will delay the progress of the meditation practice.)

Please contact us to book your place:
Telephone: 01543 472 315 or 07766742529
e-mail:  ppanyasiri@yahoo.com 

Additional Information
We would like to take this opportunity to humbly make you aware that the Temple exists as a charity to serve the community. We are only able to operate due to the to the kind offerings of donations from those who attend our Temple. Whilst donations are in no way compulsory, after the retreat if you feel that you would like to support us any offerings would be most welcome.